Decrypt DLC CCF RSDF Container

What's your motivation behind this site?

This site should be a protest against the dlc container. This container just sucks. You're totally depending on a server/service to get your decryption key. The try to stop link abusers fails here. It only slows them a little down, but harms all other users at the same time. If you just take a little time a have look at this system, you'll see that's easy to pass by. CnL/CnL2 are even easier bypassed than the DLC containers.

Why my container link isn't working?

You have to make sure, that it's a real download link and doesn't need a special session or a cookie. A container you can download after answering a captcha will not work. But you can download it an reupload it here. That will always work.

What container types are supported?

It's possible to decrypt dlc, ccf and rsdf containers, currently. I don't think there are much more out there so far.

Why does a site containing a CnL element won't be decrypted?

Well, currently there a two main types of CnL elements, a flash one and a one using a normal form. Both should work. If you got a site which doesn't work, it would be great if you drop me a mail.

Why is the file upload not working in Opera?

The file upload does work in opera. Opera just doesn't open a file select field when clicking into it. You need to click the 'Select File' button. Here the whole file select field is overlayed by a normal input field. So, if your using Opera, just click into the field on the right side.

What's the software behind this site?

This site is build on a python microframework named Flask. I'm using Redis for data storage and Nginx with uWSGI as webserver.

Uargh, why the site doesn't render correctly in IE?

lol, are you serious? Better go and get a real browser.